They’re Letting Me Graduate

Remember when I started this blog three years ago? Neither do I.

I am currently just two months away from graduation. TWO MONTHS. I was obnoxiously upset when USC’s spring course schedule came out, because it meant that I couldn’t spend hours stalking the registration page. Have I mentioned that I’m crazy?

On the other hand, we are halfway through the semester and I still haven’t had much homework. I am likely definitely forgetting something, and I’m sure my G.P.A. will let me know eventually.

For the people who can’t stop asking: I barely know what my life will look like upon graduation. For future employers who have unfortunately discovered this blog, this does not mean that I am unmotivated or dispassionate. It just means that I don’t have a job YET. Truthfully, I’m overly excited about many things, and I am afraid of settling. I’m aware that I have my entire life ahead of me, but this is how I feel. So, I’ll blog now, and laugh at myself in a few years.

Here are a few legitimate ideas I’ve had at the higher points of my insanity:

  1. See how long it takes before my parents cut me off
  2. Work at Madewell
  3. Graduate school, as a way of enlightenment
  4. Graduate school, as a way of stalling
  5. Move to New Zealand

Realistically, I will probably do something that has to do with digital media and/or writing. I’ll leave it at that, to create a sense of mystery and intrigue around my name.

While job searching is currently my most popular form of procrastination, I have found other ways to fill my time. For one, I’ve been writing a lot. I’m really proud of this statement, mainly because it is not a complete lie. My most recent excuse to grab drinks with a friend is called “Writer’s Club.” We bring our notebooks and wait for the inspiration to hit (as long as it takes, of course).

I don’t think I was in town for a single weekend in September, but I finally went to a football game last weekend! It was my first game in two years and I only managed to stay through halftime because I was getting sunburned. I am still a college student, just not a proper one!

I’d like to go to sleep now, so I think I’ll stop here. Here’s a real-time photo of me for your memories.


If you want me to write more, I take payment in steak dinners.







One thought on “They’re Letting Me Graduate

  1. Always write. Always carry a pen and a notebook. Write, write, write. Let it pour out of you. Don’t worry about punctuation or syntax, write. Fill books with your writings until your inner voice and your hand are indistinguishable.

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