Side Notes from London: Part Four


Tuesday, October 6: Day 48. Tonight I went to see one of my favorite bands, Hey Rosetta! (The exclamation point is part of their name. Don’t worry about it). I need to be better about going to concerts while I’m here, because the music scene is great. A couple weeks ago, I saw Leon Bridges, but I forgot to mention it in my last blog. Also, did I mention that I’m taking a pop music class that requires me to write about concerts? Not too shabby.

Wednesday, October 7: Day 49. I was real really classy today at a high tea place called Sketch. I spent more pounds that I think I will ever spend on tiny sandwiches and cakes but THE BATHROOM STALLS WERE EGG PODS SO HASHTAG WORTH IT.

Thursday, October 8: Day 50. I had a sweet visit with my friend CINDY, who is currently living in London and working as a Theatre Designer, because all of my friends are cooler than me.

Friday, October 9: Day 51.

Dear Mom & Dad,

I have decided that I need to study at Oxford University. How do you feel about a masters in Creative Writing? I can’t guarantee any form of success or income, but at least I’ll “have a good time.” We’ll chat.


The Office of Caroline Langella


We eventually found some men to pull us, because punting should not be a sport and also because we are brilliant.

We eventually found some men to pull us, because punting should not be a sport and also because we are Oxford-level brilliant.

Tuesday, October 13: Day 55. Tonight I saw Hamlet at the Barbican Theatre, starring BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH. My school program had to buy the tickets a year in advance, and we still had seats in the back row of the balcony. It was absolutely fantastic. I was truly blown away by the stage design and choreography and actors and costumes and everything. Just everything.

My favorite art piece was made out of doughnuts. Because, doughnuts.

My favorite art piece at the fair was made out of doughnuts. Because, doughnuts.

Friday, October 16: Day 58. I saw the movie The End of the Tour, which is really really good! That afternoon, I went to the Frieze Art Fair and stared at modern art for about three hours. Then I went to the top of Primrose Hill and stared at the London skyline for a bit, because life doesn’t seem to be throwing me any lemons these days.

Saturday, October 17: Day 59. Mom and Grandpa are here! Also, I saw a movie called The Lobster, which is incredibly weird and will probably get some Oscar noms for being such.

Monday, October 19: Day 61. Visited Windsor Castle today. As soon as the Queen learned of my arrival, she invited me to afternoon tea, where we ate scones and laughed about our favorite TV shows. I have no photos, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. Speaking of favorite TV shows, NEW EPISODES OF GILMORE GIRLS ARE COMING TO NETFLIX AND I WILL ONLY DRINK OUT OF MY LUKE’S DINER MUG UNTIL THEY ARE RELEASED.

Wednesday, October 21: Day 63. Went to a soccer football game with Mom and Grandpa and learned that football fans are really obsessed with football. Specifically Leeds fans.

Friday, October 23: Day 65. Enjoyed a “Mad Hatter’s Tea Party” at the Sanderson Hotel with “Mum”, as it was her last day in London. It was also her 22nd wedding anniversary, and I happily took my dad’s place in the festivities.

Happy Anniversary Dad!

Happy Anniversary Dad!

Saturday, October 24: Day 66. I accidentally snuck into a comedy show tonight, so I ended up paying for a second show later that evening to make up for it. I’m slowly trying to figure out the comedy scene in London, but it’s hard because I don’t recognize any of the comedians’ names!

Sunday, October 25: Day 67. I had a free day (typical) so I decided to spend the afternoon reading at the beach in Brighton (also typical).


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