Side Notes from London: Part Three

Tuesday, September 15: Day 27. I’ve been to yoga class twice this week because I’m a rockstar.

Wednesday, September 16: Day 28. We went to see the play War Horse tonight and for the first part of the show I couldn’t stop giggling because I’m twelve and also I’ve seen SNL’s War Horse sketch a few too many times. But once I got over myself, it was actually really awesome and there’s no way I will ever be as cool as the guy that wheels around the goose puppet for a living.

Friday, September 18: Day 30. I was planning on trekking to Brighton, but my body decided that it wanted to sleep in a few extra hours. Whoops.

Saturday, September 19: Day 31. I successfully woke up at 7:45 a.m. to trek to Stonehenge and Bath! Stonehenge was really just a bunch of really old rocks. Googled conspiracy theories about the original purpose of the rocks include an “alien communication system,” a “team-building exercise,” and “it was really built in 1954.” My stupid guess is that it has something to do with Woolly Mammoths or one of the giants from Game of Thrones. Nonetheless, we got bored pretty fast and ended up doing cartwheels.

When we went to the Roman Baths, we weren’t allowed to touch the water, but I did anyway because #YOLO. I’d say the site was fairly touristy, but worth doing at least once. The city of Bath was adorable. What made it even more adorable was our program tour guide, RUTH. She gets so excited about the tiniest pieces of history, and frames her guiding in a way that pumps up everyone who’s listening. If you’re a seventh grader and want to learn how to write better transitions sentences in your essay about “your biggest hero”, go listen to Ruth talk about anything.

That night I saw the guy who played Joffrey Lannister on Game of Thrones walking down my street because sometimes life is pretty damn awesome. Next up, Emma Watson? Eddie Redmayne? A girl can dream.

Sunday, September 20. Day 32. I have a feeling that I’m going to start miscounting what actual day I am on in my side notes. If I mess up, please let me go on thinking I have perfect counting skills. Also I went to Udderlicious again today, but I drank some Kale juice like an hour later so chill.

Tuesday, September 22. Day 34. Explored Kensington and what I mean by that is Sophia and I went to Whole Foods and wandered around for about an hour before purchasing snacks that are healthy merely because they are sold at Whole Foods. I looked for Will and Kate, but I think they have their peasants do their grocery shopping for them.

Wednesday, September 23. Day 35. I went to Cereal Killer Cafe which is a shop that has every type of cereal ever made (probably). The American flavors have “Contains GMOs” listed underneath them, because that’s what freedom tastes like.

Thursday, September 24. Day 36. I leave for freaking Iceland tomorrow! I’ll blog later.

Wednesday, September 30. Day 42. Can we all just sit for a few minutes and marvel at the fact that I woke up at 6:45 a.m. to go to yoga class? Don’t worry, I still don’t know how to run.

Thursday, October 1. Day 43. I think I’m about to let Hulu take $12 from me every month just so I don’t have to sit through their commercials. I’m investing in my future, I swear! (GRACE and MOLLY, don’t even think about asking for my password)

Saturday, October 3. Day 45. I spent the day in Brighton, which is not too far of a train ride from London. It’s a cute little beach town with fun markets that made me miss Los Angeles a little bit. Also, Sophia bought six new books because she prefers to be brilliant while I’m still reading her middle school copy of Catcher in the Rye (I think Whitefield skipped this one?).


2 thoughts on “Side Notes from London: Part Three

  1. I love hearing how and what you are doing!!! What an amazing experience this is for you!!!!!!!! Love you!!!!!

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