In case you didn’t notice, this is my second blog post of the week. If you did notice, your thoughts might be somewhere along the lines of “Did someone pay her to do this?” or “Is Caroline truly the author of this post?” Don’t be alarmed. This is me, and I am doing this for free (although if someone offered to pay me, I wouldn’t exactly say no).

I spent this past weekend in Edinburgh, Scotland and i figured that If I didn’t blog about it now, I would forget so much about this wonderful city. I will go ahead and do a pre-shout out to my fellow flatmates BRYN, MAYA, and SOPHIA for joining me on this adventure.

We took the train up to Edinburgh, which helped me to realize that the United Kingdom is actually bigger than just London. It was a similar realization to when I visited Los Angeles for the first time and discovered that Berkeley wasn’t just a one hour drive.

Our thoughts on hiking.

Our thoughts on hiking.

After “checking in” to our Airbnb, we climbed to Arthur’s Seat, which is the peak of a giant hill that overlooks all of Edinburgh. I hadn’t hiked since being in LA and was pretty obnoxiously excited. I don’t think my flatmates liked me very much on the way up (fair) but I’m positive that the view at the top was worth it.

At the summit, we met a guy wearing a spiderman shirt who claimed to have climbed his way to the top in just thirteen minutes. While we were at the top, he went back down and did it again. On his final descent, he was jumping from cliff to cliff and I was 100% convinced that we had found the real spiderman.

The next day, we visited Edinburgh Castle, which is really really old. Similar to most of my historical landmark visits, it made me want to go back in time and see what it was like in its prime. We also walked through The University of Edinburgh and unanimously decided that USC could probably step up its game along the lines of student housing.

We spent the rest of the day wandering around. Edinburgh is a walkable city, and without even trying, we managed to find every touristy thing that we had wanted to do.

Selfie with grass!

Selfie with grass!

That night, we did an organized “pub crawl” because it’s much easier to follow a large group of people around all night than spend way too much time on Yelp. We got home around 2 a.m. and for some reason decided that it was the perfect time to watch an episode of The O.C.

We did wait in line for ice cream. Because, ice cream.

We did wait in line for ice cream. Because, ice cream.

On our last day, we wanted to go to The Elephant House (The cafe that J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter in) but the line was too long and we were hungry. We ended up brunching at a cafe nearby. The Harry Potter Book Trio Plus Four is a lot of pages, so I bet J.K. wrote at least one of the books at the place we ended up at. I’ve unfortunately picked friends that seem to like food as much as I do, so it’s a good thing we hiked on Friday and burned all of our calories for the next month or so.

Overall, Edinburgh was lovely. I can see why J.K. Rowling and other writers live there because while it is a lively city, it seems a little more peaceful and slower paced than London. I wouldn’t mind visiting again.


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