Side Notes from London: Part Two

I’m not even sure if I need an intro because you know what to expect, but for the sake of “professionalism” here you have it!

Sunday, August 30: Day 11. I attended the Notting Hill Carnival with my flatmates. It’s the largest street fair in Europe! Also, cops are very friendly here. They don’t have guns and they don’t mind taking photos with you (see to the right or follow me on Instagram for example). Tonight I booked my first trip of the season. Edinburgh, I will see you in two weeks!

Monday, August 31: Day 12. I booked my flight to ICELAND for next month! I am overjoyed and I want to plan everything right this moment and avoid my homework completely. Did I mention my homework is watching BBC? Life is rough across the pond.

Tuesday, September 1: Day 13. Happy September! Nothing really happened today, but I figured I’d mention that if anyone has been trying to contact me on my normal cell phone number (all of you, right?) and I’m not responding, that’s because I have a UK number! Feel free to message me on Facebook or I’ll iMessage you.

Friday, September 4: Day 16. I visited Hampton Court Palace and discovered that I wouldn’t mind living in a 500 year old palace with a ridiculously large garden.

Sunday, September 6: Day 18. I awoke at 3 a.m. to the sound of a fire alarm. There of course was no fire, and as of now I am not the biggest fan of the new group of students that just moved into the building. I don’t think the London Fire Brigade likes them either.

Later that evening, I had drinks (and when I say drinks I really mean ONE barely affordable drink) at a bar inside the Shard. The Shard just so happens to be the tallest building in the European Union at a casual 87 stories high. The bar we went to was only on level 31, but the view was still really impressive. I look forward to the day that I marry into the royal family and can pay for more than a fourth of a glass of wine.

Monday, September 7: Day 19. I went to Udderlicious again because #noshame.

Wednesday, September 9: Day 21. Today Queen Elizabeth II became the longest reigning British Monarch! In search of the most elite party of my life, I went to Buckingham Palace to find her. Alas, she was not there, but I still took a photo of myself  to commemorate her big day. I also went out for afternoon tea, because I feel like that’s what the Queen does everyday and also I love the little baked goods that come with the tea.

Thursday, September 10: Day 22. Today might have been one of the last sunny days of the year, so I took this pretty picture.

Tomorrow I leave for Edinburgh and I am way too excited. If you’re lucky, maybe I’ll consider writing up a full blog post about my weekend.


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