Side Notes from London: Part One

Hello from the great city of London! I’m officially all moved in and I keep forgetting that this is in fact for a period that’s longer than a week. For the time being, I’ve decided that posting quick daily “side notes” will be easier than actually remembering to keep y’all updated.

Friday, August 21: Day 2. Today I learned that when people say “queue” they really want me to “get in line.” I went to a store called Argos that is like Target except that you pick everything you want on an iPad and the employees go get the items for you! This completely gets rid of the time I would ordinarily spend wandering the aisles and buying things that I most definitely don’t need. Tonight, “jet lag” was still a perfectly good excuse to stay home and watch Netflix. They don’t offer Gilmore Girls in the U.K. so I may have to start being more social. It’s a little weird being old enough to “go out” and I’m trying to teach my grandma-esque self how to have fun. Is there a way to meet a classy British man without getting kidnapped? Only time will tell.

Saturday, August 22: Day 3. Londoners are so polite. The warning signs at city tube stations are a good example of this. Instead of telling people to “watch out” or yelling at them to “get behind the yellow line” the London operator kindly reminds riders to please “mind the gap.” How lovely.

Sunday, August 23
: Day 4. Shout out to flatmate MAYA for helping me find a (legal) way to watch Gilmore Girls from any country. There is hope for humanity. I also went to the Columbia Road Flower Market because I am adorable.IMG_8698

Monday, August 24: Day 5. I’ve realized that I really enjoy wandering. You can’t get lost when you don’t know your surroundings to begin with! I also love window shopping. And ice cream by the “pound” (Get it? Pounds are like dollars here. You know I’m funny).

Tuesday, August 25: Day 6. Today I learned that umbrella etiquette is important if you want to pretend you’re in a romantic comedy while strolling down a rainy street. I’ve got the comedy down with my lack of knowledge on how to use an umbrella, but no one seems to be showing any romantic interest.

Wednesday, August 26: Day 7. I saw Shakespeare’s As You Like It at the Globe and managed to take this awful picture to commemorate it.Friday, August 28: Day 9. I went to Borough Market and ate this Christmas dinner of a sandwich. IMG_8717I also walked OVER 10 MILES and took a selfie with Big Ben because I hear that’s what the locals do.IMG_8738 Also, these fools (SOPHIA and BRYN) took some lovely photos on my phone.

Saturday, August 29: Day 10. I freaking love Indian food. And London has a lot of it. I also am becoming a regular at an ice cream place called Udderlicious because it’s “udderly” (sorry I couldn’t help myself) amazing.  

I’ll try to keep track of my happenings as best as I can, but also I’m me, so no promises. Cheerio! (See? I’m already British)


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