Hello Summer!

Originally, I was going to write a beautiful and sappy love post about the end of my sophomore year, but I got busy with life and Netflix. Five bullet points will have to do:

  • I can now cook almost anything. Just as long as it’s pasta.
  • While I cannot quite determine each country of origin with one sip, I have visited enough coffee shops to be a low-key coffee snob.
  • I really like hiking. I’m not that athletic and not exactly the best at breathing when I do hike, but I still really like it.
  • I have some pretty cool friends who probably don’t think that I’m very cool but still hang out with me sometimes so that’s nice.
  • People keep telling me that I’m halfway done with college and I don’t believe them.

If you want to know more about my year, feel free to take me out to dinner because I really enjoy the idea of dinner.


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