What to do When Your iPhone is Dying

What do you do when your iPhone decides to turn itself off and begs to be restored? You realize that it’s the only thing that will wake you up in the morning and even though its 3:30 AM you have to fix it so you’ve officially failed at life which brings us to this blog. Hi there.

I’m starting to realize that this blog isn’t exactly presenting anyone with new information (THANKS SOCIAL MEDIA), but I gave up Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat for lent so maybe it will prove its worth in upcoming weeks.

This month has been full of adventures and trying new things. That sounds like something you would say in an online dating ad but I promise I haven’t resorted to those just yet.



IMG_7896For starters, I ran a 5k on Super Bowl Sunday. In a banana suit. Shout out to the BEESONS for taking traditions very seriously. Surprisingly, I kept up with everyone and didn’t pass out or break any bones. Running for the first time since 9th grade P.E. did leave me in excruciating pain for the next week, but nonetheless, I did it. Oh, and in case you thought you should be proud of me, I should tell you that a 5k is a mere 3 miles. Shout out to MOM for treating me like I completed a marathon. I’ll take it.


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