Well hey there. You weren’t patiently waiting for me to blog every week were you? #sorrynotsorry I am truly and deeply sorry that I’ve left y’all hanging this semester, but I’m sure you’ve found plenty of ways to stay occupied. If you moved on to another blog, I’d like to commend you for clicking on this link out of appreciation for what once was. Also, I think that you should take a short break from Facebook and go search for fresh air.

If you’re wondering why I titled my blog post “1989,” don’t worry about it. I’m deeply ashamed of this title choice myself. This short video may help you to understand exactly what I am feeling.

Unfortunately, I think I am the Vanessa Bayer in this situation. If you don’t know who Vanessa Bayer is, disregard that last statement. Or head to IMDB. If you don’t know what IMDB is, then you should really consider living somewhere nicer than under a rock.

In between watching Gilmore Girls, Irene and I like to show our beauty to the world by way of selfie.

In between Gilmore Girls episodes, Irene and I like to show our beauty to the world by way of selfie (Remind me to delete this off Internet later)

Anyway, so I guess y’all are wondering how this entire semester has been? Well explaining that would be way too much effort on my part because I did way too much this fall. I didn’t even have time to keep up with all of my TV shows. I REALLY DID NOT WATCH A LOT OF TELEVISION (with the exception of The Mindy Project, Parenthood, and five seasons of Gilmore Girls).

That being said, I spent a lot of time being an editor, intern, bible study leader, human being, homework doer, carpool mom, coffee shopper and probably more that I don’t feel like writing down can’t remember.

This was maybe the busiest season of life that I’ve ever had. At USC, busy semesters make you look like a rock star, because USC students love to over achieve and over-schedule and still look like they have it all together. Truthfully, I did not look like a rock star (thank you, lack of style sense and sometimes hygiene), and I definitely do not have it all together.

I love these weirdos

I love these weirdos

As my life will likely never be in perfect order, I’m trying to remind myself that order is not the purpose of life; order is somewhat boring, really. Sometimes I’m too hard on myself when things don’t go exactly the way I wish that they could, or that I can’t be awake 24/7 to do everything that I want to do. I’ll put myself down for not being the “perfect” and “sweet” friend and not feeling accepted as the leader that I want to be.

I’m laughing at myself for even typing up those last few sentences because actually putting my thoughts into words show me just how ridiculous I’m being. When I look back on this semester as “busy” and describing my life as “not having it all together,” I fail to recognize how many incredible little stories and hilarious moments that were shared. I’m not describing this semester correctly at all.

And you thought I was joking about the fire drill party (Screenplay coming soon).

And you thought I was joking about the fire drill party (Screenplay coming soon)

For one, I loved working for a production company this semester. I loved the opportunity to see creative story ideas evolve into possible TV shows and movies. One of my favorite stories, though, didn’t come from a script I read. A couple months ago, our office building literally had a fire drill party. A PARTY. There was a giant buffet line, an awards ceremony for the floor volunteers, a pile of about 30 fire extinguishers for people to practice putting out fires with, and more. This day probably deserved a blog post of its own, but as we all know, I suck at this.

Some of these people will be famous one day and I will watch them on Netflix.

Some of these improvisers will be famous one day and I will sit in bed and watch them on Netflix

And, remember the accidental improv class I was taking? The one that promised me an A? It was terribly awkward and nerve-wracking, but really fun nonetheless. At the end, I was obnoxiously given an A-, further proving that the stage is probably not my calling.

Something else that is probably not my calling is being a professional chef. I set microwave popcorn on fire this semester. MICROWAVE POPCORN. Thank God I can make pasta sauce and pasta sauce.

A multitude of stories came out of friends losing the game of odds and taking one bites (don’t ask) and coffee shopping and staying up way too late talking and/or eating dinner number two. We’re really mature. Just ignore us.

We rage at 2 am

We rage at 2 am

I could probably list pages of more legitimate stories if it wasn’t late at night and I hadn’t already wasted half this blog post on Taylor Swift. In reality, this semester was amazing. Words like “eventful” and “exciting” are a better, more positive description than “busy.” I could not be more thankful. Can someone slap me the next time I put myself down by overthinking something that makes absolutely no sense? Can we all just start slapping each other in the face? Perf. (SIDE NOTE: I HEART ABBREVS AND SOMEONE SHOULD PROBS SLAP ME FOR THAT TOO)

I really wish that I would keep up with this blog more because there are so many great moments from this semester that I should have written down but never did. That and I could always use some more Facebook likes from my Grandparents (SHOUT OUT).

Cheers to 2015 and all the stories with it. Hopefully I’ll be able to blog about something other than Mindy Kaling.

“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary but what is unseen is eternal.”

2 Corinthians 4:18


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