Me. The answer’s me. In case you were wondering.

I think it’s been like 4 months since I last blogged? Whoops. Anyway, summer happened. There was June and July and August and then I came back to Los Angeles! Can I get a slow clap for best summery ever? (Props if you caught my summary pun. Summer? Summery? You totally caught it) So, now I’m back at USC and I am going to blog every day! week! month! time I want to procrastinate on writing more important things! It’s going to be a great blogging year, y’all.

Moving boxes is hard.

The past 4 or so weeks have been crazy. I’ve been extremely social and incredibly busy. I actually use the calendar on my phone now, which makes me feel like a middle aged business man, but at least I’m trying to keep my life organized. Also, I’VE BEEN HANGING OUT WITH SO MANY FRIENDS THAT I HAVEN’T WATCHED A SINGLE TV SHOW IN 4 WEEKS. If you’ve ever had a conversation with me (in which I mention TV as one of my hobbies) or stalked my Twitter feed, you are probably in shock right now. Don’t worry! As soon as my TV shows return, I literally won’t leave my apartment. I’ve also heard that Gilmore Girls is coming to Netflix, so I should be back to my awkward, antisocial self in no time.

Because real paragraphs are hard, here are a few bullet points to reflect on what my life has been like for the past few weeks:

Before I looked sunburned (A.K.A. The Polaroid Effect)

Before I looked sunburned (A.K.A. The Polaroid Effect)

  • I’ve been to the beach a lot. I’ve also gotten sunburned a lot. I’ve also discovered that CVS sells sunscreen for $3.
  • I signed up for a screenwriting class that turned out to be an improv acting class. So far, I’m really bad at acting. But, the teacher promised us all As for showing up, so you better believe I am sticking with it.
  • Apartments are a lot better than dorms.
  • Apartment bathrooms are a lot better than dorms.
  • I officially know the Mag house’s address and not my own (I haven’t done enough online shopping yet to remember it).
  • I got an internship at a comedy production company this semester, which is really exciting! It’s helping me get over my fear of answering the phone.

    Just casually swinging next to some vines.

    Just casually swinging next to some vines on the Weekender trip.

  • I cooked tacos last night at 10:30 because I didn’t want to write a paper. Did you hear that, Mom? I cooked food that wasn’t microwaveable!
  • I almost hit someone with my bike. This may or may not have happened more than once.
  • We watched Sharknado in one of my classes. Because, Sharknado.
  • I’m a Neon Tommy entertainment editor this year. So, please tell all of the celebrities to stop dying! Also, come visit me in the new Annenberg building.

    LUNA (my car) drove over the Golden Gate Bridge!

    LUNA (my car) drove over the Golden Gate Bridge!

  • Last weekend, I went on the weekender to BEAT THE FARM (That’s Stanford, you Georgians). Shout out to ERIC BAUGHMAN for having a vineyard (casual) and letting us stay there for the weekend. It was an awesome way to start off the semester with a great group of friends.
  • A few girls in my freshman bible study watch The Mindy Project, so I might have friends this year. Yippee!

That’s all I can come up with for now. Next time, maybe I’ll try to write actual paragraphs (LOL).


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