Has It Already Been 10 Days?

I’m trying to keep up with this blog, I promise. Here’s the lowdown for the past 10 days:

BESS, CAITLIN, and me looking classy at Sunnylands.

BESS, CAITLIN, and me looking classy at Sunnylands.

Last Saturday (4/5) I went to Sunnylands in Rancho Mirage, CA (It’s really close to where they have Coachella). I included the hyper link, because websites probably explain things better than this blog ever will. Basically, Sunnylands is a beautiful property that is owned by the Annenberg family (a.k.a. who my Communication school is named after). They hold tours and retreats there and OBAMA and THE PRESIDENT OF CHINA have chilled there, so I guess it’s got a lot to offer. Everything about this place is extravagant. They have a BEAUTIFUL and HUGE house and  lots of art and pretty trees on the property that go along with the art. There’s also a golf course, because apparently the Annenbergs played golf everyday (I mean that’s what rich people do right?). Sunnylands was beautiful and I’m not gonna lie, I felt pretty extravagant myself just looking at everything it had to offer.

That night, I went to most of USC’s Springfest, which the concerts committee puts together every year (Shout out to my friend ROSS for being on that committee). New Politics, Tyga and Diplo were there, which I guess is pretty cool if you’re into music/have ever turned on your radio before.

The real Piper Kerman at USC!

The real Piper Kerman at USC!

On Tuesday night (4/8) I heard Piper Kerman speak at USC. Piper Kerman wrote a book called Orange is the New Black, where she talks about her year in prison. The book is obviously awesome because it was made into a TV show called ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK (go figure)! The TV show is AMAZING and I may or may not have watched the entire first season in one weekend (what?). Piper was really interesting to listen to. She has a lot to say about prison reform in the U.S. and is even a board member of the Women’s Prison Association.  She also mentioned that she was much better behaved than the TV Piper when she was in prison, which is somewhat relieving.

INGRID being flawless.

INGRID being flawless.

On Wednesday night (4/9) I went to see INGRID MICHAELSON at a really small venue in the Hollywood Cemetery with my friend TIFFANY (side note: The Hollywood Cemetery is kind of creepy at night because there is a weird siren that goes off every five minutes and it sounds like small children screaming. Super fun am I right?). I think she called show her “album release show,” and she only sold 200 tickets for it, so it was pretty awesome! Ingrid is absolutely amazing and is really entertaining to watch. She is also hilarious… like she could probably be a stand up comedian if she wanted to take a break from singing. I know I say this after most concerts, but it was definitely one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.

On Thursday and Friday, I worked on my design project for maybe 16 hours in total. Design is crazy, but I’m starting to not mind it for some odd reason. After a long night of working on Friday, MARIANA and I went to Tro Gro (Starbucks) and the lady gave me a box to hold my snacks, because the bag that she usually gives me was too small. Whoops. The popcorn I got was jalapeño flavored, so I did get some form of vegetable.

Grace and me waiting in line.

Grace and me waiting in line.

On Saturday (4/12) I explored the LA Times Festival of books with GRACE (not my sister, a different one). The book festival is being hosted on campus this weekend which is awesome. So many people are here and there are SO MANY BOOKS. Grace and I decided to get in line early to see B.J. NOVAK (you should know who this is based on my various social media pages) and so we ended up getting to sit in the front row (well technically the 3rd row, but the first two rows were blocked off and no one was sitting in front of us. So we were in the front row. HA!).

B.J. just wrote a really hilarious book of short stories, so he talked all about the book, as well as some of his work on THE OFFICE (he was hired as a writer for the show, but also played Ryan). It was really interesting, because I am obsessed with all of his work. I am also obsessed with Mindy Kaling (what?) and the two of them are BFFs, so there’s that.



After the discussion, he opened up the floor for questions. And… for once in my life I had a question to ask, SO I DID. I told him that I picture some of the characters in his book as him (if you’ve read it, I mentioned the guy in the red shirt) and I wanted to know if he did the same. In short, he said yes. IT WAS FREAKING AMAZING and I really hope my voice didn’t should as shaky as my body felt.

The face B.J. gave me when I said I wanted to be a comedy writer.

The face B.J. gave me when I said I wanted to be a comedy writer.

After that, he held a book signing outside. Grace and I were smart enough to bring our copies of the book, so we got them signed and took a picture with B.J. When he signed my book, I told him I wanted to be a comedy writer (side note: this is only one of the many things I want to do in life that are entertainment related, but it was fitting to mention it to him). He wished me the best of luck, which is basically code for “this business is super hard, so RUN AWAY!” (sort of). I got a couple of great photos, which I flooded Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with.

It was a great day. And, now I have met two of my favorite celebrities (I’m still working on JGL and Tina Fey… oh and Seth Meyers, who EMILY MAE gets to work for this summer, so stay tuned).

Today is Sunday and the book festival is still going on outside. When I am done blogging, I will probably check it out for a little while and then write 2 papers and 1 screenplay, watch 2 movies (one in Chinese), AND finish my design project. WISH ME LUCK PLEASE.

I leave for home on Wednesday night (shout out to ANNIE LEE who is driving me to the airport). I am so excited to see everyone. I also expect a crowd awaiting me (I do after all live in the same city as celebrities, so that means I am one) at 6:30 am at the Delta baggage claim, so plan accordingly. PLEASE let me know if you want to meet up. I will likely be boxing up my house (please contact MIKE LANGELLA if you want to know more about my family’s homelessness) and would love some company.

Today is Palm Sunday, so HOSANNA.

Now that I’m reading over this, I’m realizing that this post is way too long. #sorrynotsorry #youknowyouloveit #hashtagsinblogsarecool





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