Mexico, Mindy, and MORE!

HI Y’ALL… I’M ALIVE, I PROMISE. Wow I am really behind on this blogging thing. Remember when I used to blog almost once a week? That only lasted for a little while, but maybe I’ll try to pick up the pace again. Anyway… this is going to be a long post because a ton has happened in the past month or so. Here are the highlights of what’s been going on:


Spring Break weekend is every weekend in California!

Spring Break weekend is every weekend in California!

The first weekend of Spring Break, everyone left campus to go either home to see family, or to a more tropical location (Cabo am I right?!). On the contrary, I was stuck in New/North. But, CARLENE (shout outs are back yay!) rented a car for the weekend. That’s right, no LA Public Transportation for me. I felt like a celebrity. On Saturday, we explored Pasadena and Carlene dreamed of her future home. On Sunday, I woke up at  6:45  7:00 7:15 and we road tripped down to Laguna Beach. The water was beautiful and the weather was awesome and I DIDN’T GET SUNBURNED (Note: this might be one of the biggest accomplishments of my life). That night, we had dinner in Westwood (800 degrees and Diddy Riese of course). It was probably one of my favorite weekends of the semester and reminded me how nice it must be to have a car in LA (YES, PARENTS/WEALTHY PEOPLE THAT THINK I’M COOL, THAT SENTENCE WAS FOR YOU).


The rest of the week I went to Ensenada, Mexico with some awesome people from Cru. So much happened:

On Monday, we met up at 12 and drove down to Ensenada, which is maybe 2 hours south of the border. We probably should have gotten to our destination in the evening, but we had a few wrong turns in Tijuana and pit stops that got us to the house we stayed at around midnight. So it only took us twice the average time! It’s all good though, because one of our pit stops featured TACOS, which were fantastic. Shout out to WALKIE TALKIES for making all road trips entertaining.

I'm in the back of this mega-selfie. AND I'M HOLDING WOOD BECAUSE I AM STRONG.

I’m in the back of this mega-selfie. AND I’M HOLDING WOOD BECAUSE I AM STRONG.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we did various jobs to prepare and build a church for a local pastor and his wife. I spent my Tuesday lifting heavy building type objects (things that used to be two loft houses) so that they could be moved to the area that we were going to build the church. On Wednesday, we spent the day building the church, which would be two loft houses stuck together. My jobs were mainly painting the outside of the church, and some lifting. For most of the afternoon, I actually spent my time across the street re-doing part of a roof for another family. I used hammers and nails and tar and it was awesome! It’s really cool to do service projects in college because they give you more to do. In high school, I think I did a lot more cleaning and picking up trash then building actual houses. It’s truly an amazing experience to build something for an entire community, and even though I had no idea what I was doing, they expected a lot out of us which was awesome. I did have tar on my hands for  a couple days, but it wasn’t TARrible (see what I did there?)! At the end of the day on Wednesday, we had a cookout with a ton of people in the community as well as a campfire afterwards. The day was exhausting, but probably one of the most incredible days I’ve had in a long time.

The church we built.

On Thursday, we explored Ensenada. I got some amazing fish TACOS and more MEXICAN COKE, which I really miss. We also went to La Bufadora, which is a giant blowhole that spits out water on the rocky coast. Personally, I think a whale is just living down there and hasn’t moved in a while, but who am I to make assumptions about nature?

The view from the back porch at the house we stayed at.

The view from the back porch at the house we stayed at.

On Friday, we packed up our 9 car caravan (Oh yeah… we had a 9 CAR CARAVAN) and headed back to the USA. We spent a couple hours at the border, which was actually really fun. I ate lots of churros and got a COKITA (baby Mexican coke bottle). My car (driven by the greatest leader ever STEPHEN LIM) tried to use fruit snacks to pay for border souvenirs, but the sellers weren’t too impressed by this. Their loss, I guess. THEN we crossed the border and sang a few USA songs because we were HOME. Well sort of. Before finally making it back to campus, we had a late lunch/early dinner at MEGAN MURRAY’s house in San Diego, which was super nice. I finally made it back to New North around 8:30, so the timing was about the same as coming there. Maybe someday I’ll road trip faster, but for now, 12 hours is the thing to do!

I love me some seniors.

I love me some seniors.

In all, it was a fantastic trip. I bonded with everyone even more than before the trip. I’m going to be especially sad to see the SENIORS (you all get shout outs) go in a few weeks. They’re really awesome and have made me love USC so much. I also really got a chance to see how cool missionaries are. The people who we worked with (Hands of Mercy) really have devoted their entire lives to loving God and serving his people. They give their all, and ask for nothing in return. It is really inspiring, and now every time I am stressed out about school and the future, I just think “I should just go move to Mexico and build houses every day.”

3/25: I MET MINDY!

The cast of The Mindy Project

The cast of The Mindy Project… It’s ok to cry, right?

Last tuesday, I went to a Q and A panel that was a part of PaleyFest. The panel featured the cast of  The Mindy Project, which YES, includes MINDY KALING (and is a TV show on FOX. If you don’t know this, I feel sorry for you). I was in the fifth row, by myself, and dying (in a good way). First, we watched this weeks episode BEFORE THE REST OF THE WORLD. Then the cast talked all about the show and random facts and more.

Mindy casually taking a selfie with MY PHONE.

Mindy casually taking a selfie with MY PHONE.

I loved it. The cast is absolutely hilarious, and so are the writers. I want to work for them so much. I kind of wanted to just get on the stage with them and join the conversation, but I decided that the security guards wouldn’t like that very much.

A model shot with my signed book. Not sure what look I was going for in this photo, but ok (Yes Dad, that is your shirt. Go Yankees?).

A model shot with my signed book. Not sure what look I was going for in this photo, but ok (Yes Dad, that is your shirt. Go Yankees?).

After the panel, all the fans rushed towards the stage to get things signed and pictures with the cast members. I tried to act cool by walking towards the stage instead of running, but let’s be real: I was just as excited as all those fan girls. I also thought I was really clever by bringing Mindy Kaling’s autobiography to get signed. Apparently, every girl in the room thought to do the same thing. Anyway, I GOT MY BOOK SIGNED. AND MINDY TOOK A SELFIE WITH MY PHONE. I wanted to scream, “HIRE ME AS AN UNPAID INTERN WHO BRINGS YOU COFFEE,” but I figured that it was not the time or place. Mindy did however favorite my tweet, which means basically nothing for most of the people reading this, but I thought it was cool. Mindy, someday I will try to get a job on your show, or at least work with you somehow. THEN I will act more professional, and take a less blurry selfie with you.

Some other news I have is that I will be home for Easter! I’ll be in Atlanta from the 16th-21st so come see me!

This is most of the news I have now… I’ll write more next week at some point in time. OH! I am looking for a paid (or unpaid) job/internship  in Atlanta this summer… hopefully something that has to do with entertainment. So this is the point in my blog where I beg people to love me and hire me!

Have a great weekend!


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