Some Recent Observations

So I haven’t blogged in 2 weeks. I truly am sorry for your inconvenience. You see, not a lot has happened. But, as I have just spent 6 hours at the art studio (NOT AN EXAGGERATION), I thought that this would be as great of a time as any to write something and post it online for the world Facebook moms and grandparents to see.

Here are some observations that I have made over the past couple of weeks:

  • Do you ever find yourself needing plastic silverware? I do, because I avoid the dorm bathroom as much as possible. BUT… did you realize that Starbucks and other fast food places have plastic silverware? And get this–IT’S ALL FREE! Next time you go buy a skinny latte with Non-fat Soy milk and .5 pumps of hazelnut, just grab a handful (or two) of plastic forks on your way out. Do this everyday and your plastic problems will be solved.
  • USC really likes sports. They even bribe students with food to come to the games! This weekend, I enjoyed hotdogs at a baseball game, and an acai bowl at a tennis match. I think I’m going to start embracing my Trojan pride more often now. Because I have school spirit, of course.
  • Speaking of acai bowls, have those things reached other parts of the country yet? In California, they are simply a smoothie put into a bowl and topped with granola and fruit. So basically it’s just a cool new way to spell “smoothie”, but these Californians really love them!
  • Do you ever find yourself needing more ketchup or soy sauce? Similar to my first bullet point, you can always grab packets of stuff at your nearest fast food restaurant. Never spend money on things that our lovely world offers you for free.
  • You and me both, Tina.

    You and me both, Tina.

    Embracing my healthy TV addiction, I have recently started to watch comedy shows with the subtitles on. These TV writers are genius and if you listen carefully, not a single line is wasted. I’m not sure why I am mentioning this. Maybe it is for YOUR OWN ENRICHMENT.

  • If you go to USC (hint hint: this is not especially for my parent fans), then you might enjoy reading the finest satire news in the land, THE SACK OF TROY. I’m not saying anything, but I may have written something on there. Or not. You’ll have to click on that super cool hyperlink to find out.
  • I’m reading a book FOR FUN. It’s called “One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories” by Ryan from the Office (a.k.a. the guy who started the fire). Didn’t get that overly clear reference? The author’s name is B.J. Novak and his book is absolutely hilarious. It’s also really genius, because the guy went to Harvard so he obviously knows how to sound smart. I’ve read a few chapters to EMILY MAE during story time (because story time is a thing in college, am I right?) and she agrees.
  • I'm actually in awe. Russia, you just keep surprising us all with your little wonders.

    I’m actually in awe. Russia, you just keep surprising us all with your little wonders.

    I haven’t watched a single bit of the Olympics, which is super sad and unAmerican of me. But, I’m hearing spectacular things about Sochi! I hear they have water there that get this– ISN’T CLEAR! So cool.

That’s it for now! Maybe next time I blog I’ll actually have something important to say.


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