How to Get Away with Wearing Pajamas in Public

As you all may know, I am without a doubt a fashionista. If you really know me, you probably laughed at that last sentence. Regardless, this is my very first fashion blog post. This is also probably my last, because I literally have no other fashion tips besides the ones I am about to say.

College can be very stressful. It can also be really fun. Well, when I wake up in the mornings, I really never feel like wearing something other than pajamas. This year, I realized that I don’t have to, and neither do you. Here are some tips to getting away with wearing pajamas in public. I have also included some lovely  pictures that I found on Pinterest, just to prove that I know what I’m talking about.

“If You Liked it Then You Should-a Put a Sweater On It”

In case you haven’t noticed, sweaters and leggings are in. If you usually wear a T-shirt and leggings to bed, this tip is for you. When you wake up, just put a sweater over what you’re wearing. It literally takes 5 seconds, and you’re ready to take on the day. Take the photo to my right as an example: This girl looks very fashionable. But if she is following my tips, she is really just wearing a T-shirt, leggings, and tennis shoes. She put a sweater over it all because she knows what real fashion is. She also cleverly took a photo with a lot of pretty light to cover her face, focusing on the sweater. Very smart move. I also think that the sunglasses add a nice touch, and they cover her face even more. No one really needs to look at your face when you’ve just woken up anyway.

“Dolphin Shorts”

I’m not exactly sure why these are called dolphin shorts, but I am definitely a fan. You see, these shorts are basically athletic shorts that are designed in a way to make you look as if you really tried to look cute today. If you buy them with sequins, you get extra points for trying. I personally like this model’s take on the style. While her 5 foot legs did help her succeed, her sparkly shorts are paired with a great looking sweater. She could easily wear this to a party. Or she could wear this while in bed watching hours of Netflix movies.

“I Work Out A Lot”

This one has been my new favorite.  Work out clothes are the best because while they double as pajamas, they also make people think that you are healthy and athletic. You don’t even have to actually work out in them. Just put on some tennis shoes and play the part. It is also a great excuse to not brush your hair, because athletes never have to wear their hair down. I really like this girl’s look. She clearly just woke up, as she is wearing a hat to cover her face and hair. However, she put on some tennis shoes with those pajamas and she now embodies the Pinterest perfect athlete. I also think that the healthy green juice drink is a nice addition, demonstrating that she is without a doubt from California.

“They’re not Slippers, I Promise”

These shoes that I am talking about are in fact called moccasins. They’re practically the same thing as wearing ballet flats. The difference? They are fuzzy and soft on the inside. I try to get away with wearing these everywhere, and i usually do. You may think, “Caroline, are you seriously telling me to wear slippers to class?” Yes, yes I am. While both of my parents strongly disagree with this style choice, I assure you that your feet will thank me.

“The Scarf”

Scarves are really the greatest accessory alive. They can make just about any outfit look like it was carefully planned. Take this photo for example: This girl is definitely wearing a soft, comfy shirt that could easily be a pajama top. But she put a scarf on top of it just to prove to everyone that she is a fashionista. On top of this, her scarf has an American flag on it, so she is representing her patriotic spirit. This is a very good Winter Olympics Party outfit. I also included a second photo with this style tip, because this girl looks extremely comfortable and also very fashionable. When in doubt, just add a scarf to your pajamas and you are ready to take on the day.

Have a great week, full of fashionable outfit choices.


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