A Letter to My Fans

My dearest fan following, Dear Mom and Mom’s friends on Facebook,

It is currently 11: 26 pm and I should be starting a paper that is due tomorrow. It literally could not be a better time for me to be blogging. Anyway, I’ll make this one short. Not a ton has happened this past week, except that I WENT TO THE FREAKING GRAMMYs. I guess I can tell y’all about that.

So, as I was cutting out 90 pages of tracing paper for my Design class homework (no I’m not exaggerating), I got a phone call from the one and only EMILY MAE. Her voice was shaky and she sounded like she needed me to take her to the hospital, via the metro bus of course. But this was not the case. Her UNCLE (who deserves an eternal shout out) is a celebrity photographer and had two extra tickets to the Grammy Awards. If we could be at the Staples Center in 30 minutes, we could go. Did I mention that Emily was running back from the gym? Well she was.

Anyway, I put on one of my fancier dresses and attempted at a pair of heels and we ran downstairs to catch an Uber (Shout out to LA transportation methods). I was shaking. We had 10 minutes before the doors were closing at the Staples Center. The driver could only get us as far as the highway, so we jumped out of the car and ran barefoot down Figueroa. I repeat, we RAN BAREFOOT DOWN FIGUEROA. That’s a street name for those who didn’t know.

After clearly making a scene, we met Emily’s Aunt who gave us our tickets. She apologized that they were nosebleed seats. I was basically in tears at this point. I also think I was about to have a heart attack from sprinting a few blocks down the street. We walked in to the Staples Center and took our seats. I was sweaty, underdressed, and hyperventilating. This picture is a perfect description of my emotions all night:

Anyways, IT. WAS. AWESOME. I was shaking even days after and I will probably never get an experience like that again. I was in the same building as BEYONCÉ.

On a side note, My parents finally got married this week, after all these years! Funny, I kind of thought that they were already married, but my dad’s Facebook timeline says otherwise, and Facebook always tells the truth.

Congrats! Wish I could've been there!

Congrats! Wish I could’ve been there!


Have a great week! Enjoy the snowpocalypse Atlanta!



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