What Happened This Week (I Can’t Come up with a Witty Title)

Today (Saturday) marks a whole week that I’ve been back at school. Seven days isn’t really that much considering that we have the rest of the semester to go through, but it feels like I’ve been back for so much longer already. Since I don’t really feel like writing in paragraphs tonight, here’s a list of some of the stuff that went down this week:

  • I started classes, which seem interesting but are really going to keep me from sleeping this semester. I’ve learned so much already. For example, in design class I learned that it is possible to read 30 pages on lines as well as spend 3 straight hours drawing lines. And, in global Chinese cinema class (it’s a GE) I discovered that I am likely  the only student in the lecture who doesn’t speak some form of Mandarin, has never been to Asia, and has blonde hair.
  • I got to watch half of the movie Lone Survivor in my Screenwriting class because my teacher happened to have the DVD in her purse. Lone Survivor is currently in theaters. THIS is why we go to USC.
  • If you look closely, there's a city under all that smog!

    Hiking Week One: If you look closely, there’s a city under all that smog!

    On Wednesday I went hiking with ALLIE somewhere in Hollywood where the view was gorgeous. Yes, hiking was one of my New Years resolutions! We plan to hike once a week. I’m committed y’all.


  • Proof.


    Speaking of New Years resolutions, I ATE SOME LETTUCE THIS WEEK. I also went to the gym not once, but TWICE! I also played some tennis with CARLENE. Now I can’t really feel my legs or feet, but who needs legs or feet anyway?


  • Don't you just love it when the sun rises at 9:30?

    Don’t you just love it when the sun rises at 9:30?

    On Thursday, I went ice skating with some pretty cool Cru kids and then burnt my tongue on a pizzookie which was totally worth it. Also, that morning around 9:30 I saw the most beautiful sunrise. You may ask me, “Caroline, doesn’t the sun rise much earlier than 9:30 am?” You are exactly correct. What I really saw was the smoke from forest fires happening north of LA. But that didn’t stop me from Instagramming the “sunrise” first. You see, I am from Georgia, where the insane humidity will never allow us to come close to having giant forest fires.

  • On Friday I saw the movie Her with EMILY MAE. I also saw the movie Captain Phillips on my computer. It’s Awards season and I am way behind on my movie watching, surprisingly.
  • Courtesy of People Magazine. Irene and I look fearful for our lives.

    Courtesy of People Magazine. Irene and I look fearful for our lives.

    Today I stood outside the SAG Awards to watch celebrities get dropped off by their drivers. IRENE, GRETA, and EMILY MAE were there too, so no I was not stalking famous people all by myself. I saw SO MANY CELEBRITIES including Mindy Kaling so I fulfilled another New Years resolution! Julia Roberts was super nice because even with all our obnoxious cheering, she still decided to come over and say hello. Then some of the crazy fans (shout out to the tall Asian guy behind me) decided to push and shove until the barricade knocked over. Luckily, I moved out of the way before I could be trampled right in front of Roberts herself. This 30 second moment was clearly a big deal because moments later, I received a text from JILL LANGELLA notifying me that my near death experience had been featured on TV. So basically, I am famous now and will be accepting autograph/shout out inquiries via the publicist that I should have hired years ago.

Have a good week! I leave you with a zoomed in photo of Bradley Cooper, waving to me and only me (obviously).

Also, I am currently offering free blog shout outs and dining dollar swipes in exchange for a free pass to Disneyland! Call me and we’ll talk business.


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