Bring It On 2014

My title makes me think of all those cheerleading movies I definitely didn’t watch back in the day. Anyway, hey! It’s not 2013 anymore! I return to school on Saturday. I have to admit that I’d be a lot more upset about leaving Atlanta if it wasn’t 30 degrees outside. It’s a high of 81 in LA on Monday, in case you were curious.

One of the 10 minutes that I was outside during my trip.

One of the 10 minutes that I was outside during my trip.

Last weekend, I was in Pittsburgh, which was absolutely freezing. It was really nice catching up with my family though, when we were indoors. All my cousins have also decided to grow up, which is a little weird. Slowly but surely, my entire extended family will be taller than me.

The final days of the break have been really laid back. I’ve finished catching up with old friends and sleeping for most of the day. My car sits in the Whitefield parking lot all day while I beg for friends to drive me places.  A certain sibling has caused this dilemma, however I will not use names because she does not deserve a shout out. Shout outs to MOM, CAITLIN, and JORDAN however, are in order.

Yesterday, I paid a short visit to the old Academy to see everyone. It seems like nothing has changed. It’s kind of funny going back there and realizing that I will never be a high schooler again. This is a good realization. At the beginning of college, I felt like I was on vacation and would eventually have to go back to Whitefield to start class. This feeling went away after days and days of not having to tuck my shirt in. Uniforms are definitely something I will never miss.

I start new classes on Monday… college is great because classes last for only one semester! While I am really going to miss being in Atlanta, I am also really excited to get back to USC. It’s going to be nice to actually have a schedule again instead of sleeping through the whole day. A new year marks a lot of resolutions that I ordinarily try to make and then I end up quitting after the first few weeks.  For 2014, I am going to post them on the internet for all to see, because I have a blog, and this is the kind of thing that bloggers blog about when it’s a new year. It’s clearly very original, as all blogs are.


1. go hiking/attempt to exercise

California has all these amazing hiking places that I want to try. I haven’t really hiked a lot before, but I’m willing to try. I also want to exercise more than usual, because my usual exercise intake is comprised of walking up the stairs. You see, I got a pair of lulu lemon leggings for Christmas so I am officially an athlete again.

2. run into more celebrities

The struggle with living in South Central is that I haven’t met as many celebrities yet as I  have hoped. I want to casually run into a few more this year. Yes, when I say casually, I do mean a meticulously planned search, but Joseph Gordon Levitt, Justin Timberlake, Mindy Kaling, or the cast of Parenthood don’t have to know that.

3. learn to like lettuce

Liking lettuce has been a life long struggle. This resolution will probably not happen, but maybe if I blog about it, my taste buds will miraculously change. Sorry JULIA, kale just isn’t gonna do it for me.

4. find a (sort of) clever way to give a shout out to MARY CLAIRE in this blog


5. not sleep through or during ANY 8 am classes

This is probably a lost cause, even with the ten alarms that I set each morning (JULIA’s favorite!). I will make it work  I probably will give up very quickly.

6. go to Disneyland 

This resolution is basically a plea for someone to buy me a ticket to Disneyland.

7. get Justin Bieber to follow me on Twitter

Ha. Kidding. Didn’t mean to scare anyone.

8. figure out a way to open a Willy’s and a Waffle House on the USC campus

The USC Atlanta kids feel my pain.

9. come up with better resolutions

I was going to write 14 (you know, for 2014? I’m so creative). This clearly failed.


The next time I blog, I will likely be back in LA. It’s been real Atlanta! See you in May! I will leave you with a clever weather photo found on Facebook.




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