Today is Sunday, so I Shall Blog

It’s all in the title. That, and I don’t really have any desire to write a term paper for my Psych class. Anyways, last week was pretty special because it was the last week of classes (I will pause here for applause). It was also my birthday! Yippee! I also successfully finished my autobiography! Capitalized YIPPEE! Don’t worry, this autobiography was written for a class. I’m not that cool and let’s be honest, I’m not nearly interesting enough to write a whole book on myself for fun. But you jokesters still read my blog so maybe i’ll prove myself wrong someday (I will pause here for sarcastic laughter on my part).

Wednesday, December 4th, I turned 19. Look out world. For one of the first times in my self absorbed life, I didn’t really plan anything. I mean I wanted to see Macklemore, but he didn’t pull through for me, regardless of the number of tweets I sent him. But that is besides the point, because on my birthday, I realized that I have a lot more friends than I thought, and that these friends really like birthdays. Even though I did have to write an autobiography, I was told by EMILY MAE (shout-out) that for my birthday, I was not allowed to stay in. So, even though I didn’t make any birthday plans, everyone else definitely did for me.

Throwback to last year's birthday photo, which made an appearance as my twitter profile pic for many months.

Throwback to last year’s birthday photo, which made an appearance in my twitter profile for many months.

I woke up that morning to an absurd amount of text messages and social media posts, because when it’s your birthday in 2013, everyone knows about it (shout-out to FACEBOOK). Then the amazing ALLYSON took me out for Chickfila and I got to watch her eat her first Chicken Biscuit EVER. It was magical. Then I had class. I love class. Shout-out to class. Yay. Then, I arrived back to the gorgeous resort-like establishment of New North only to receive A WHOLE BOX OF CUPCAKES from my family. It may have been the best birthday present ever, only second to CAITLIN HESSE’s giant box of cheese balls from last year. In case you were wondering boys, I am a really easy girl to please. And I swear I didn’t eat all of the cupcakes on my own. Maybe I ate a lot, but not all of them, I promise. Shortly after the cupcake fiasco, DIANE and EMILY MAE entered my room with a birthday crown (which I accidentally “forgot” to wear) and we headed to THE FARMERS MARKET (shout-out to USC’s Farmers Market) and ate our weight in fruit and hummus samples. Or at least I did.

Accepting sponsorships for Winter Olympics 2014. Or Frozen 2.

That night Diane, Emily Mae, and LORELEI took me out to this awesome sushi place where we ate sushi on a couch, which I definitely recommend. But that’s not all. After dinner, Emily Mae and I went ice skating. In case you were wondering, my  ice skating skills were more than just spectacular. I was like an Olympian. I was like a mini Elsa on that ice. (SIDE NOTE: If you didn’t get that reference just now, shame on you. Also, I really recommend that you see the movie FROZEN. I will see it with you). As I hopped on the metro (because I love LA public transportation) to return to campus, I thought I was going back to write an autobiography, but according to STEVEN STEPHEN and KELSIE, I was clearly mistaken. Forced against my will (sort of), I made my way over to Mag where I got a Pizzookie and Stephen sang songs and played the guitar along with MATT who also sort of played the guitar. I would also like to personally thank the twitter account @magisms for that lovely post of me eating my Pizzookie. What a fantastic picture by Matt Woo. I should frame that. It was a birthday to remember, not only because I was pestered by my friends to celebrate the entire day, I also had lots of fun too. Thanks ya’ll!

Me chilling with the best snowman ever.

Me, chilling with the best snowman ever.

The rest of the week consisted of me jumping for joy after turning in my autobiography, me being spontaneous and going to THE LAST BOOKSTORE downtown, me making Emily Mae take a picture of Olaf and me and wait in line with me for a Frozen poster, me trying to study for finals but failing miserably, and me successfully killing off half of Mag in “Murder in the Dark” (SIDE NOTE: I think I liked this murder game way too much and I have issues with being to0 competitive, but I would hardly call winning an issue). Next week, I will have more to tell. Maybe. Ok probably, because blogging is way cooler than studying for finals.

I will leave you with this beautiful photo of a capybara sitting on a couch.

You know you like it.


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