A Frozen Thanksgiving in Hamden

Well hello there! How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was great (That’s why I’m blogging about it). For Thanksgiving this year, I left the 80 degree weather of LA and headed to Hamden, CT. If you’ve never been to Hamden, it’s close to New Haven (where Yale is) and they have real winter there. It was SO COLD. After adapting to the SoCal weather, I think I forgot what cold air felt like. I know this because I somehow managed to tell myself that a rain jacket would be a fine coat to wear in 30-40 degree weather. I was wrong. Thankfully, my petite Uncle Joey let me borrow his coat for the majority of the trip. Anyways, here’s what went down this week:

On Wednesday, I woke up at 5:45 and made my way over to LAX. It was super fun. My flight also didn’t leave until 10:30, so that was even more fun! I had a two hour layover in Atlanta, my beautiful homeland. This was painful, because I wanted to leave the airport so badly and see my friends and my sweet dog, Cody. But on the bright side, I found a Willy’s on concourse B so that was the highlight of my day. Did ya’ll know that Willy’s mexican food is only in the Atlanta area? I really recommend that they expand their horizons and open a restaurant in LA. I finally made it to my Grandparent’s house in Hamden around 10 or so at night, so Wednesday was a pretty long day to say the least.

Pop Pop taking control of Thanksgiving dinner with an electric tool that I don't know the word for.

Pop Pop taking control of Thanksgiving dinner with an electric tool that I don’t know the word for.

Thursday was TURKEY DAY! We woke up and headed straight to Hamden High School to watch my dad’s old team lose to their rival…whoops. The rest of the day consisted of my stuffing every remotely edible thing in my grandparent’s kitchen in my mouth. While Thanksgiving may have been a notch below USC’s five star EVK dining hall, it was still pretty amazing. (SIDE NOTE: for all you non-trojans, my last sentence was full of sarcasm) My Aunt Kim even made homemade pies because she is the coolest and also the best chef in all of Connecticut. After dinner, I saw Catching Fire. Jennifer Lawrence, I freaking love you. You don’t know me yet, but someday we will be best friends.

The Southern Langellas, together again

The Southern Langellas, together again

On Friday the whole fam ventured into the world of New Haven. Each cousin managed to return home with a shopping bag, so all was well in the Langella dynasty. That night, everyone surprised me with cupcakes and had a mini celebration for my birthday, which is tomorrow. 

Getting our frozen hearts melted at the movie theater.

Getting our frozen hearts melted at the movie theater.

On Saturday, all of the Langella men headed to a bar to celebrate my Grandpa’s birthday. But we women did not just sit around the house; we went to see FROZEN, a.k.a. my favorite Disney movie right now! (SIDE NOTE: I have the Frozen soundtrack almost memorized… I’m working on it) The week before, I had this amazing opportunity to interview Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, the directors and writers of Frozen! While interviewing them, I promised them that I would take my family to see their movie over Thanksgiving, so this outing was definitely planned by yours truly. I also have a slight obsession with ALL of the Frozen characters except Hans, but that’s a story for another blog.

Sam enjoying a Frozen themed kids cup at her FIRST MOVIE THEATER EVER.

Sam enjoying a Frozen themed kids cup at her FIRST MOVIE THEATER EVER.

Everyone from the Langella sisterhood LOVED it. We even got to take our sweet 3 year old cousin Samantha to see it. It was her first movie theater experience and it was adorable.


Pop Pop throwing up the deuces... FIGHT ON FOREVER!

Pop Pop throwing up the deuces… FIGHT ON FOREVER!

That night, the whole family met back up and we took my Grandpa out to an Italian restaurant to celebrate his birthday with style. Everyone was together and it was amazing. We got home with plenty of time to watch the USC vs. UCLA game which I am not going to talk about. Shout out to Coach O: We love you and will miss you! 

In all, it was a fantastic weekend! I am so thankful to have so many crazy family members to eat food and watch movies with! Hope everyone has a good week!




One thought on “A Frozen Thanksgiving in Hamden

  1. Very nicely said, Caroline. My favorite line was when you referred to your uncle Joey as ‘petite’. He will no doubt appreciate that line as well. He should thank you for not mentioning his love of hair products. It was wonderful to see your family again, especially you, all grown up as a college student.

    XO-Great Uncle Donald

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