Adventures in the Bay

What? Caroline’s blogging again? But it hasn’t even been a week since her last post! That’s right, Caroline is on top of her game.

This weekend, I went on what we trojans call the “weekender”. Basically, it means that theres a NorCal game and  because trojans are faithful fans, everyone heads up to the Bay Area and spends the weekend there. I began my adventure with a car ride that lasted about 6 or 7 hours. It was quite the event, and I finally learned what is between San Francisco and LA. As it turns out, there is practically nothing between the two cities, which made the road trip even more exciting.

Friday night, after a long trip, the girls spent the night in Fremont at Kemana’s house (Side note: Kemana is the greatest for letting us stay. Also, if you ever want to get something planned, Kemana is your girl.) We treated ourselves to some brownies, hot chocolate, and of course, 10 Things I Hate About You. Baby JGL and Heath Ledger will forever my heroes. Adult JGL is also my hero, but I will leave that discussion for another day.

Getting tossed in the air 35 times at the game

Getting tossed in the air 35 times at the game

Saturday was awesome. We took BART to downtown Berkeley for the USC vs. Cal game. The whole time I was thinking about the TV Show Parenthood and how it takes place in Berkeley. I wanted to stop by the Braverman household, but then I remembered that Parenthood is filmed on a set in LA. Someday, I will meet the Bravermans, someday. The trojans took over the Cal stadium and beat the Bears 62-28! I also got tossed in the air 35 times, a record only to be beaten by the tiny Allyson Lim several minutes later.

Allyson caught me instagramming the sunset on BART

Allyson caught me instagramming the sunset on BART… what can I say, I’m just that artsy.

After the game, we hopped back on the train and headed to San Francisco. Unfortunately, it was too dark for me to see everything SF had to offer, but I absolutely loved what I saw. It almost reminds me of a mini New York on the west side of the country. I loved it. We walked about 2 miles to Fisherman’s Wharf and I enjoyed some clam chowder (side note: it may have been the first time I’ve ever had clam chowder… but I don’t really remember) and a sour dough bread bowl. We then  went to Ghirardelli Square and got some pretty amazing ice cream. It’s ok to drool a little.

USC takes SF by storm

USC takes SF by storm

A little while after this, it suddenly came to our attention that if we didn’t get on BART now, we’d be stranded in SF (which wouldn’t really be that bad since it’s such a great city). Being the direction master that I am, I got us back to Fremont on the last train. I’m just that good.

The next day, we packed our bags and headed home, but not before going to Steven Stephen Lim’s hometown church first. We then began another 7 hour journey back to good old South Central LA. I haven’t given a lot of shout outs in this post, but I must give one to AJ because we made him drive us both ways and he didn’t kill us. I think on the ride home, we all started to go a little insane. I suspect this because at one point, we all broke out into song and a beautiful melody of “Aint no mountain high enough” filled the car. It was a road trip to remember.

So far, college has had it’s ups and downs, but it’s mainly been really great. I’ve made a ton of fantastic people who really make an effort to be kind and inclusive. It influences me to be a nicer person and to truly cherish every chance I get to spend time with others. I miss everyone back home so much, but these west coast experiences so far have definitely been worth it and I know that God has a lot of plans for me here. Hopefully I’ll actually keep up with this whole blogging thing so ya’ll can hear more!


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