I’m Sorry I Don’t Blog as Much as Julia

It’s safe to say that I don’t blog as much as I could. JULIA, my roommate who managed to get a shout out in the TITLE, is a frequent blogger. I did start blogging a good day before she did, so I mean I’m still a trendsetter and all.

Anyways, much to the germs of New/North and my professors’ dismay, I am still alive. Here’s a little update on what has happened in the past few weeks:

Mike filming his new sitcom at WB.

Mike filming his new sitcom at WB.

October 24-27: The infamous Michael Langella (a.k.a. my dad) was in town for Parent’s Weekend and, catching my sly hints desperate cries for spending a weekend off-campus, casually kidnapped rescued me from New/North. We went straight to Santa Monica for a “not EVK” dinner and then spent two nights at Hotel Dowling (a.k.a. home of family friends) in Malibu. The couch that I got to sleep on was twice the size of my dorm bed, so it’s safe to say that I was loving life. Friday consisted of going to Warner Bros. Studios where I sat on the couch from Friends and financially contributed to movie magic by purchasing a Gilmore Girls mug from the gift shop. On Saturday, Mike got a first hand experience of Trojan spirit in the Student section (this is where I will give a shout-out to everyone from Cru so people like KELSIE won’t be upset with me). I think he enjoyed himself as much as any 51year old man can enjoy himself with a bunch of college students. On Sunday, dear Michael had to go home to the good old South. Later that night, I started out my IMDB career/typical LA life strong by being a movie star extra! ALLYSON and EMILY MAE get shout-outs for being great supporting acts to my lead role. STEPHEN gets a special shout-out for being my chauffeur for the night (celebrities don’t drive themselves) as well as for his fantastic job at throwing stale popcorn.

October 31st: HALLOWEEN! I must say, I had a very hipster halloween. Instead of being all “mainstream” by dressing up in a costume and going to a party, I expressed my coolness by staying inside and completing an 8 page term paper, start to finish. Shout-out to STARBUCKS for putting up with this insanity until closing. Also, shout-out to RACHEL for sitting in my dorm and watching me type a paper until 2:30. Needless to say, my Halloween was pretty amazing.

I did not ride this bike around Target.

I did not ride this bike around Target.

November 1: After turning in my hipster Halloween paper, I celebrated by trying to study some more. This failed quickly, so Allyson, Rachel, and I devised a plan in which we would go explore downtown and study there. We hopped on the metro and enjoyed a nice meal of SUSHI (shout -out to sushi because I recently discovered that I love you) and then discovered where the Sprinkles Cupcakes was. We decided that after enjoying a nice cupcake or seven, we would study outside the Starbucks nearby. But then, all of a sudden, we saw it. That beautiful red sign. TARGET! It was calling our names. We spent a casual hour or so wandering the endless aisles of heaven. I may or may not have ridden a bicycle around a decent portion of the store. I failed to mention that as we were parading through Target, a USC football game was going on. We decided to head over to the Mag House for the final quarter so that STEPHEN wouldn’t murder us for being such unfaithful fans. USC won so all was good in the end.

November 2: Allyson, Rachel and I (I guess this weekend we were a trio of some sort) hailed a cab through an iPhone because we are high tech and headed over to Westwood. Sure, it is enemy territory (I hear Westwood Community College is somewhere over there) but Westwood Village has good food. We ate life changing pizza at 800 Degrees and then hit up Diddy Riese for some cookies and ice cream. I also might have spent my allowance at Urban Outfitters, but who’s counting these days? After spending our entire bank accounts on that cab, we resorted to the bus and the metro to get us back to USC (Shout-out to LA PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION because you are miserably slow and I hate you). Back on campus, I took a nice nap and resorted to wearing slippers for the rest of the weekend.

That’s basically it for now. This weekend I am headed up to Northern Cal to watch the USC vs. Cal game and visit San Francisco for the first time, so i’m sure I will blog about that if I actually make the time to! I’m just remembering that I have not mentioned this to my parents, so parents, in case you read my blog before the next time we talk, I am going out of town this weekend! Love ya’ll!


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