Fall is Somewhat in the Air

Fall is in the air folks. For LA that means basically nothing has changed. For everyone else, the leaves are changing and the weather is getting colder. For us students, it means that midterms are trying to take away every moment of free time that we have. But fear not,  Caroline has saved the day with endless procrastinating and multi-tasking. Currently I am sitting at the Mag House studying. I am also listening to the Lion King, somewhat socializing, facebooking, AND writing this blog.  Take that midterm season.

Me, awkward as usual, embracing the world around me

Me, awkward as usual, embracing the world around me

Last weekend, I went to Forest Home with Cru.  After two months of living in California, I finally got a taste of what fresh air is like. (here’s a hint: it’s nothing like the smog and marijuana/cheese smell that a USC dorm so kindly provides) Forest Home is a camp in Forest Falls, CA. They have gorgeous mountains and even a little bit of snow!  We hiked, sang worship songs, tossed the frisbee (sports!) and made lots of new friends. In all, it was amazing.

This friday, if you haven’t already seen the incredible amount of social networking done to cover the event, I went to a pumpkin patch in West Hollywood. This pumpkin patch just so happens to be right next to the Grove, and is the place to be if you are a celebrity with small children. Expecting nothing, some friends and I decided to go embrace fall and admire adorable little kids pick out their pumpkins (side note: I LOVE CHILDREN AND I ACTUALLY MISS BABY SITTING SO MUCH!) Here I was, playing with pumpkins and getting my roommate Julia to pull me in a wagon, when suddenly fifty men with cameras showed up.

Being a celebrity is stressful.

Being a celebrity is stressful.

I smiled and posed, accepting my constant loss in hiding from the paparazzi. Then PARIS HILTON walked in and stole all my thunder. We followed her around, of course, and did a little successful photobombing before I boldly requested a group picture, which was documented all over Facebook and Instagram, receiving numerous “likes”. Needless to say, it was an event to remember.

That’s all for now because I should probably go back to studying wasting time on my computer. I will leave you with one last photo that accurately depicts my love for fall. And pumpkins.


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