Hey Look I’m Blogging!

Before I left for college, I told myself that blogging about my life might be fun. I then decided to create a blog, promising myself that this time I would actually write something. It is now October and I have yet to write anything for my fan following parents to see. So here I am, a failure already, blogging.  College is going great and I have learned lots of new and exciting things, inside and outside of class. Here are some interesting discoveries that I have made about college life thus far:

  • Dorm rooms prison cells are very small. No matter how many times you rearrange the so called “furniture”, they still come out to be very small.
  • Dorm room closets are very small. Mine in particular only opens half way, so there’s that.
  • I won’t go into detail about dorm bathrooms, however I do have a theory that a girl on my floor is bringing scissors into the showers and cutting chunks of her hair off for all to see.
  • People on my floor do not seem to sleep very often. Remember when I was a night owl in Atlanta? Not anymore folks, not anymore.
  • USC Trojan football pride is real. Like cheering to fire your coach and it actually succeeding real.
  • For all you tourists, the Hollywood Sign Hike is actually a hike. On round one, I was sore for a week. Round two, I almost threw up. Maybe on round three I’ll actually be a normal athletic human being and not want to die.
  • So far, I have spotted two Disney Channel stars at church, so parents have hope that maybe not all of Disney will turn out like Miley.
  • In college you get rewarded for going to lectures. In one class, I get extra credit if I miss less then 5.
  • It is a daily struggle to avoid getting run over by the thousands of bicycles rushing to get to class. “Don’t text and bike” should be a thing too.
  • I won’t even talk about campus dining. It doesn’t deserve to be mentioned.

That’s all I can think of for now. I will leave you with a beautiful photo of my closet on Day 1, before I tried to use it. You can also see the surface of my desk in this photo, which is a rarity. Image

Also, I forgot to mention that in case you haven’t noticed my excessive retweeting and posting about it, I am currently writing for Neon Tommy, USC Annenberg’s online news website. You can find my posts here. The other posts are good too I guess. Anyways, happy blogging!



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